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"I get my best ideas for pictures whilst day/night dreaming, or by scribbling anything random..." | 10 in 5 with Pterodactylman Comix

by admin on Friday, 25.09.2015 in Top News

It’s a pleasure to get to know better one of our really cool and funny artists. Now I know why his pictures are so different. This artist is eager to try out new things and is an all-rounder in real life. See for yourself!

1) Hi, Pterodactylman Comix, please tell us a little bit about you.

I draw comics for fun, but I have self published some comic zines. I restore antiques, paint portraits, signs and murals. I just drew a mural of a whole bunch of different fish in chalk for a seafood shop sign job.
I'm a songwriter/musician too and I love singing, playing the guitar, ukulele, piano, clarinet and drums.
I sometimes do vocal sound effects such as crickets, police sirens, vintage car horns, dog barks and various silly noises if I get bored.

2) What’s the story behind your user name?

The name comes from my cartoon character Pterodactylman, who was created back in 1990 when my younger brother had a prehistoric themed 21st party. I made a pterodactyl costume, then the comic character sort of...

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Fresh Air

by admin on Friday, 07.06.2013 in Top News

Some of you have already been roaming around on our beta website for the last weeks, but most of you have probably not seen it till today: We've been doing some serious spring cleaning here on spray-can.com. Today we're re-launching our new website with a fresh and much lighter design and a lot...

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Website warm-up contest: superheroes vs. supervillains

by admin on Tuesday, 04.06.2013 in Contest

Just to make sure you don't miss it. That's our brand new contest: Superheroes vs. Supervillains.

Let's be a hero - or rather the baddie? One with an amazing mighty super power it has to be!

Here's the task: Create a new awesome superhero or a badass supervillain with a special power. It's...

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How to log in here?

by admin on Tuesday, 28.05.2013 in Top News

Do you wonder how to log in to your account here?

Do you not know where to find your secret?

Just follow the rabbit's instructions:

1. Open your Spray Can app

2. Press the "i"-button in the top right corner 

3. Press "Account-Fusing"

4. Press "Show Secret"

5. Write down your secret on paper and...

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