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Mission accomplished

by admin on Friday, 26.09.2014 in Top News

Dearest community, update your Spray Can app and enjoy the advantages of the new update afterwards! Here’s what you get in this version:

1. Spray Can is getting dark again. In this update we leave you free to decide, which theme you prefer while using Spray Can, the bright or the dark one. Therefore you just have to set your preference in the settings.

2. Improvements in the painting mode. We implemented a color picker and a few more backgrounds. Besides there have been made some general changes in the painting mode itself. You’ll find its detailed description in the Spray Can news directly in the app or in our blog.

3. Usability improvements. This means you’ll experience a better performance and energy efficiency. As a result loading and scrolling became faster, which will spare your battery life. In any case, you’ll get furthermore a chance to browse all the tags of an artist you’ve seen in your feed. Just tap on this artist’s tag in the feed and then you’ll be able to see them all while sliding the tag from right to left.

4. Bonus for non-PROs. Not so long ago we implemented a chat option in the app. From now on it’s unlocked for everyone. Furthermore profiles of our non-PRO users are now depicted in exactly the same way as those of PROs. 

5. Introduction. To ease first steps in Spray Can, newbies will see an introduction while using the app for the first time so they will get informed about the general options and possibilities of the app.

We’re already waiting with bated breath for your feedback. We gave our best to improve as many things as possible in this update and are already working on another one, of which more later.


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Random_Gal 2014-10-04

May I just ask, what is a fuse group? XD