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Support Spray Can Community!

by admin on Friday, 27.06.2014 in Top News

You might have already noticed a whole range of changes on Spray Can. Maybe you keep asking yourself, why this app looks so different now. 

Well, as time went by, our users' needs and abilities have changed. The simple graffiti app became an outstanding artist community, which wanted to create more of Spray Can. Following your burning desire, we released Spray Can 5.0.

Support Spray Can

The latest Spray Can version for iOS (5.1.2) contains high definition, a possibility of working on several tags at a time, achievement badges on your profile and search option for everyone. Furthermore, you get extended painting capability due to new tools, such as new brushes and backgrounds, changeable opacity and an option of saving your favorite brushes. Besides, you can observe a real difference, if great artworks are created in HD. To ease your first steps on the new Spray Can level, we implemented a series of introduction videos in the app, which show you the exact handling. All the new features you get on iOS will also get implemented in the Android version step-by-step. And here you can read the recent review made by AppGamers.

Thanks to your support, we are able to go on and to keep on improving Spray Can. And here’s what Spray Can will offer in future:

We will finally follow your desire for layers and collaborative work. This means, you should get an opportunity to work together on common tags, even using different devices. This option would also involve starting a painting on one device and finishing it on another one. In addition to that you’ll get the chance to create your own contests directly in the app and to participate in those of another users. Another great news would be a possibility to hashtag a title of your picture and to use those afterwards for a search within the gallery. This way you’d be able to find your favorite pictures much faster than before.

None of these already achieved improvements or new plans as well would be possible without your support. Every user we have and every in-app-purchase you make are contributing to a large extent to further development of Spray Can. 

Our goal here is to recollect our great artist community and to show them the way to have the courage to use the new update. 

Dear Spray Cannies, come back, if you have left! Update and give it a chance, if you still haven’t! Invite your friends to Spray Can to show them its own fantastic and creative world!

Together we can make this community as great as before, but in a new era of extended artistic possibilities. We know, we can count on you, we always could. The same way, you always could count on our support.

All the best,


CEO of rapidrabbit