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Spray Can 5.1 Available

by admin on Friday, 18.04.2014 in Top News

It’s great, if a long weekend starts with a Spray Can update. That’s why we released it today

Since this version is completely different compared with the last one, we created video introductions for you. They will help you to come along with the new Spray Can. You can find them here, on our homepage, or directly in the app. Therefore you should visit your app settings and click on „Introduction“. We’re pretty sure, that after watching them, you will feel at home in Spray Can 5.1.

After updating you will keep your Pro features. If you realize, that they’re gone, please try to reinstall the app.

Unfortunately, we noticed that something went wrong and some backgrounds and brushes are missing now. We apologize for this mishap! That really shouldn’t have happened. We will work at full speed to fix this misadventure, so you would get another update with all the fixes as quickly as might be.


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RomarExperimentalArtenjoy 2014-04-20

No more list of my favorite artists?


cetala 2014-04-18

I have the same problem here :/ hope you can do something soon


☹ ℳℯℳℯ ☻ 2014-04-18

I delete sc and I can't Download ti agin :( Wat should I do ??? ._.