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Introducing Painting Mode

by admin on Friday, 18.04.2014 in Top News

We already told you almost everything about the new Spray Can version. The only missing topic is the painting mode.
So here we go! 

Create a new tag, choose between up to 10 backgrounds and give it a title. This video will help you to understand the procedure. 

After selecting a background and giving your picture a title, you can select a color, whereby you can choose between up to 51 prefabricated colors and a color wheel. Pick your color and add it to your favorites for a later use. Similarly you proceed with the selection of your brushes. Moreover, you can change the opacity for even greater artworks. We know, that it isn’t perfect yet, but you get this feature and we will give our best to improve the opacity control. The second video will help you to get along while painting in Spray Can 5.1.

We are aware that all of you want to have layers in Spray Can. Don't worry, you will get them. We just ask for a little bit more time.