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Unlimited Creativity

by admin on Tuesday, 08.04.2014 in Top News

It's not uncommon to need more canvases at once to realize one or more spontaneous ideas and to work on each of them later. Thankfully you have led us to the implementation of this idea in the new Spray Can version. Pro users will get 3 painting slots from the beginning. If you need more space, you can purchase a set of 3 additional canvases in our shop.

This is the perfect place to tell you, that all of your in-app purchases which you have already obtained before, will stay in the new version. And if some of them should „disappear“ after the update, don't panic! You'll be able to restore them the same way it worked with the Pro restoration earlier.

If you haven't noticed yet, the new Spray Can will also contain HD. To be more precise, every user will be able to see pictures in high definition. Those, who will purchase this feature, would furthermore be able to draw in HD.

This feature is known for its much-valued details and you might very soon realize the difference.

That's all so far. Wait and see what will come next! ;)


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Imagine! 2014-04-15

that sounds cool! cant wait for the update! -Fashion


Gabreyes 🏳️‍🌈 2014-04-08

If you mean the smiley face brush that update is still being worked on.


Silver🐾 2014-04-08

Hi, um I'm using the iPad 2 for spray can.... And I haven't got the update with all the smileys and stuff. If I'm using the iPad for spray can does that mean I won't be able to have new updates ever again? And I did see this was for android and other devices but not for the iPad..... I am concerned about this I would like it if you helped me figure this out 😀 thank you for your time