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A Visualization Of Who Is Who

by admin on Friday, 04.04.2014 in Top News

It's time to let you know more about the project „Spray Can 5.1“ or, to be more precise, about the new profile.

In the new version you'll find it under „Settings“. It will stick mostly to the same details as before. At the top of the screen there will be depicted general information about you, like how many followers you have and how many users do you follow. And moreover: your points, your age and gender as well as the date of registration.

Below these details you'll find three badges. If you want to follow a user, you tap the „Follow“ badge. The same procedure is to execute, if you want to unfollow someone. What is more, everyone will be able now to see tags, which a user has marked as his favorites. Just tap the middle badge to get there. The third badge is meant to start a chat with a user. It will be depicted in red, if this option is enabled. Please note, that you and your chat partner have to follow each other first. Furthermore, it's an option, which is available only for PRO users.

Underneath those two icons you'll find your achievement badges. We already told you about them on our homepage and you were able to try them out on your profile here as well.
With the help of all these details you get a comprehensive view at a user's profile and will be able to interact with him/her at once.

If you want to change any of the general information on your profile, just click again on „Settings“ and choose „Edit Profile“ afterwards. That's where you can change your user name, your profile picture, your bio and so on.

Watch the upper video on this subject, so you can easily understand the new scheme.


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†Samm† 2014-04-08

Hey Olga, (I think that's right, sorry if it's not) I was thinking that you should be able to customize the background of your profile. Either being able to use tags as the background, personal photos, or even having a small choice of backgrounds that you have already laid out for us. A lot of people are complaining about the white, so I think this might help a bit. :) Thanks, sam