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by admin on Monday, 24.03.2014 in Top News

Last week we introduced you the first part of the new update. You are probably already waiting for more information.

The next important part of the home screen would be the upper bar, which contains following classification: „Feed“, „Explore“ and „Artists“.

We already explained the first category to you. What is hidden behind the others?

You'll find the new gallery under „Explore“. In the new version it will be devided in four categories, which will be „Most Popular“, „Hot Tags“, „Most Viewed“ and „Latest“. The same happens with the arrangement of „Artists“. You'll find here „Most Respected“, „Best Rated“, „Underrated“ and „Newcomers“. There will be also something you will all be excited about. You see, in the new version you all will be able to search for artists. Yes, this option will finally be available for those, who are not PROs.

Please note, that we don't have any influence on our users being put on any of these lists. This is always a computer-generated procedure, just like it was before.


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LTM 2014-03-25

YEEEEEEEEEY ! but can you pleeeeasee add the fill button?!!