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Fresh Air

by admin on Friday, 07.06.2013 in Top News

Some of you have already been roaming around on our beta website for the last weeks, but most of you have probably not seen it till today: We've been doing some serious spring cleaning here on spray-can.com. Today we're re-launching our new website with a fresh and much lighter design and a lot of new features.

Welcome! Jump in and discover our new playground!

You can log into your account with your Spray Can user name and your secret. Just hit "My Profile" and off you go. When you're logged in you can edit your bio and choose your top three tags for your profile's sidebar. Additionally you can now title and categorize your tags. Just click on one of your tags and hit "Edit Tag Info" to do so.

Most of all we're proud to introduce our new Contest and Cartoon sections to you. Get an eyeful and check them out. Our website warm-up contest "Superheroes vs. Supervillains" has just started, so if you want to go for the gold have a look, whip out your device and get creative.

And on this blog you'll from now on find all the latest Spray Can news, additional info, super insider insights and so on and so forth. Stick around and let all your Spray Can friends know about it, so we can transform Spray Can from an app to a great webspace together :)

We'll constantly keep on working on this site to improve it and add new features. So we're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Just drop us a line


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ZDA 2013-06-26



OPTIMUS PRIME 2013-06-21

The logo is too white!! Just sayin


Just Some People 2013-06-20

using computer, LUVING IT! ~Bree


ElTapiro 2013-06-17

Yes, you can publish your first novel in the comment section now if you like. But tag-comments are still restricted.


KayKay06 2013-06-17

Yessssssssxxsssssssssssssssss omggggggggggg thisssssss is awesssssioooooommmmmmmmeeeeeee


Charles, No More 2013-06-16

There isn't a limit to 250 chars!


Charles, No More 2013-06-16



Charles, No More 2013-06-16

I'm using the computer version right now!


Sprawl 2013-06-12

Comment here ;)


thedave 2013-06-11

you can comment here ;)