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How can I log in here on the Spray Can website?

To log in on the website you need your user name and your secret. Go to "My Profile" here on the website and log in with your user name and your secret.

Where can I find my secret?

To find the secret open your Spray Can app. Press the "i"-button in the top right corner. Now press "Account-Fusing" and "Show Secret". Write down your secret on paper and don't tell it to anyone else. It's your password! 

How can I take part in a contest?

Draw the picture that you want to submit to our contest. Log in on the website with your user name and your secret. Click on "Contest" and "Submit Artwork". Now choose your tag and submit it to our contest. 

How can I create a cartoon?

Draw four tags which assemble your cartoon. Log in here on the website. Open the "New Cartoon" site and drag those four tags to the dummy pictures. Title your cartoon and then publish it. That's it.

How do I change my user name?

Just go to your profile and press the “pen”-button on the right - now you can change your name.