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Black & White Art (finished)

by ADMIN on Friday, 29.11.2013

Retro style fans will probably love this contest. Don't you think so? Black & white art usually provides a larger interpretative approach to a viewer. It lets your imagination work at full speed on filling pictures with your own colors.

Provide us with your amazing black & white tags. Don't hesitate just because you're not on the most popular or the most viewed list. We're looking for creativity and new ideas.

This time we'll tossle up a T-shirt from our shop among the first six winners. Afterwards the winner himself will choose the T-shirt .

So try your best! It's worth it.
Monday, December 2, will be the last day to submit an entry. Good luck<3

That's how you can submit a picture to the contest:

1) Go get your device and draw your picture.

2) Log in here on the website (use your Spray Can user name and your password).

3) Title the tag you'd like to submit for the contest.

4) Click on "Contest", press "Submit Artwork".

5) Choose your tag and submit it.

Keep in mind #1: Your tag has to be titled before you submit it.
Keep in mind #2: You can only take part with one picture.

by Wutmilk

So delicate and graceful! Congrats, Psychedelic! And congratulations to MilkShaken, who has won our T-shirt!