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Third Annual Halloween Challenge (finished)

by ADMIN on Friday, 24.10.2014

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought, it's time for a new contest.

So how do you prepare for Halloween? You make a costume, carve some pumpkins and ensure that there's some apple cider in the fridge. Anything else? Well, the night wouldn't be complete without an excellent horror movie.

Frankly speaking, LaByRinTh's last entry was the source of inspiration for this year's Halloween contest. So this time it's all about horror movies. 

And that's how you can submit a picture:

1) Go get your device and draw your picture.

2) Log in here on the website (use your Spray Can user name and your password).

3) Title the tag you'd like to submit for the contest.

4) Click on "Contest", press "Submit Artwork".

5) Choose your tag and submit it.

Please note: Your tag has to be titled before you submit it AND you can only take part with one picture.

Thursday, October 30, will be the last day to submit an entry. And the more entries we get, the better!

Pumpkin Witch
by Jar Jar Spoons

Congrats to Jar Jar Spoons! We wish you a great and scary Halloween.

  • scariest monster ever.... go watch the movie...
    by MIYA

  • scariest monster ever.... go watch the movie...
    by MIYA