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Second Annual Halloween Challenge (finished)

by ADMIN on Thursday, 24.10.2013

It's getting chilly outside, leaves are falling. Candles in every window, pumpkins on any corner. Looks like it's time for... Exactly! Our second annual Halloween Challenge! Boo!

We want you to draw your most creative Halloween pumpkin! It can be anything - super scary, really funny, abstract, realistic, big, small, orange, black, blue. It's totally up to you. 

Your idea and creativity is important to us, so please don't hesitate to take part, no matter if you have 10 followers or 1.000.

The Halloween Challenge will be our first contest where you can not only win infinite fame among the community but also a 20$ Amazon gift card, which we'll raffle off among the first six winners. 

So don't trick and get your treat :)  

That's how you can submit a picture to the contest:

1) Go get your iPhone, iPod or iPad and draw your picture.

2) Log in here on the website (use your Spray Can user name and your password).

3) Title the tag you'd like to submit for the contest.

4) Click on "Contest", press "Submit Artwork".

5) Choose your tag and submit it.

Keep in mind #1: Your tag has to be titled before you submit it.

Keep in mind #2: You can only take part with one picture.

Tuesday, October 29, will be the last day to submit an entry. Good luck<3

Spooky Hill
by Scottart

Such a creative spooky hill! Congrats, Scottart! Thanks to all of you for your participation!

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*Soul 2013-10-30

Thank you for feeding the Elephantom :p


Aberli💙 2013-10-30

Entered :)


kittycat33🙀🐯🐱🙀 2013-10-29



Fofa♡ 2013-10-26

Submitted !


Imaginary. 2013-10-25

keep the Pumkinized one


Imaginary. 2013-10-25

ight well i accidentally entered two... didnt mean to :/ so if u can take off the pumpkin head one thad be cool. thank yuh


☣✞⚙✘Ꭵᑕ☣ 2013-10-24

I like the contest but I have one question if the person wins how will you know where to send the gift card?¿