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"I Am..." Contest (ongoing)

by LexiBella on Tuesday, 18.02.2014

Hello Lovelies!  Okay, so I'm having a sort of feel good contest.  Draw a tag that features either you are someone that inspires you.  The point of this contest is to show off what you have become, what you are proud of in yourself because you changed or someone helped you change.  I can't wait to see your submissions!  Ok I know you want to see rewards!  So here they are:

Grand Prize: I'll draw a tag for you, 20 lovely likes, 10 comments, and a follow.

Most Creative:  10 likes, 5 comments, and a follow

Most Heart-Warming: 5 likes and 3 comments

Most Inspiring: 3 likes and 1 comment

Ready Set Go!  This ends on Feb 31st!

Get going :3