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Draw your own fantasy world! (ongoing)

by DAVTM on Tuesday, 18.02.2014

Draw your own fantasy world!

You can draw everything, a jungle, a sea, mountains, but, it must be fantasy! You can't draw something that exist. You can make a landscape with creatures or plants that not exist! Succes! :)

You can enter with a older tag.

The first one wins a tag (you can choose what I'm gonna draw) a follow, and all likes,
The second a follow and all likes,
And the third wins all likes! :)

It ends on 20-3-2014

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  • WIFI WORLD :D (the world is so overran by wifi ,creatures have to travel by burger to avoid the mountain creatures)
    by lumi.Bonito@yahoo.com

  • Tag Title
    by downhill

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The_chibi_alien(FAC) 2014-02-27

It won't let me post it to your contest tab at the moment I'll keep trying


Davtm26@hotmail.com 2014-02-18

Thanks! :)


downhill 2014-02-18

VERY COOL idea! I would love to enter!