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Fourth of July - Fireworks (finished)

by ADMIN on Wednesday, 03.07.2013

Fourth of July: parades, picnics, concerts and, of course, fireworks! 

If you could light the sky on the Fourth of July how would it look? Let the colors burst and show us your most bombastic firework. Do it like sweet Katy: "You just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine, just own the night like the Fourth of July". 

For the newbies, that's how you can submit a picture to the contest:

1) Go get your iPhone, iPod or iPad and draw your picture.

2) Log in here on the website (use your Spray Can user name and your secret).

3) Title the tag you'd like to submit for the contest.

4) Click on "Contest", press "Submit Artwork".

5) Choose your tag and submit it.

Really important #1: Your tag has to be titled before you submit it.

Really important #2: You can only take part with one picture.

Sunday, July 8 will be the last day to submit an entry and the winner will be rewarded with our 4th of July-Badge.

We're super excited to see your color explosions! Good luck :)

Happy 4th of July
by 💚Patricia💚

An eagle, the star spangled banner, fireworks - can a picture be MORE 4th of July?