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Black on White (ongoing)

by Pantherr on Thursday, 16.01.2014

As black and white are my favorite color combination and always an amazing way to do art, this will be my first contest.

Make a tag using only black and white colors. Gray is accepted. It can be anything you like, just be sure to only use black and white[and gray]. Please title the tag. 

1st place prize will get a follow from me, a well-done shout out, a tag, and 30 likes. 

2nd place prize will get a well-done shout out or tag, and 20 likes.

3rd place prize will get a well-done shout out or tag, and 10 likes.

4th & 5th places will get 5 likes and a tag.

Please have fun, and good luck!

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downhill 2014-01-21

Its not letting me submit my tag, it keeps saying " tag must have a title, to give it a title log on to....." And i did give it a title, its the rose tag, can u help?