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Art up my sleeve (finished)

by Fofa♡ on Wednesday, 15.01.2014

i felt like something .. i couldn't control its a feeling i have never felt it before but i want to say how i feel like to the people i know makes me wonder how? i took my pen and started to sketch through my feelings telling people how i felt with the beauty of the colors

draw a landscape or a picture that resemble to your feeling

just bring out every emotional part of your heart and sum it into a drawing

 it could be anything even a flower or a wolf anything! (ex:sad-lonely-happy-cheerful) 

use specific colors to describe how you feel like its more like this--->here (artist credit:AquaSixio

or here (artist credit: sakamichan)

BE CREATIVE  id love to see any of you do just be happy and draw !  contest ends Jan.28.2014 (can be extended)

1#winner gets a free hug and his/her tag redrawn 

2#winner gets a cookie and his/her OTP drawn if you dont have an OTP then ... a request maybe?

3#winner gets a free internet and gets drawn with FOFA

and now lets end this with this XDDDD (artist credit:La-raton)

plz join ;v;

by Gøx

congrats you all i loved you drawing as well they show the true emotion please request your prize on my profile

  • Happy Soul
    by *Soul

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Gøx 2014-01-18

Great idea for a contest. I'm definitely going to enter :)