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Asian Elephant Contest (finished)

by *Soul on Thursday, 09.01.2014

Draw an asian elephant in your own style just in time for elephant day January 16, which will be the closing date. 

The winner gets the joy of having drawn the winning elephant and an animal tag of choice or your pet for example. Enter

How to submit: 

1) Draw your picture on your device. No need to write on your picture that it is for this contest. Keep it clean.  

2) Log in on this website (click My Profile and use your Spray Can user name and your secret that can be found under the (i) account menu on your app). Don't use your email address to log in here, it will show up, keep your personal details safe!

3) Title the tag you'd like to submit for the contest. (click the tag/edit tag info/ give title and category and submit). Now you have to wait for the website to pick up on your naming your tag it seems to take effect on the hours turn. Check your profile tag overview to see if it shows up named yet. Once it does you can go to step 4. 

4) Click on "Contest/Users contests" , click "Submit Artwork".

5) Choose your tag and submit it. (Your tag has to be titled before you submit it. You can only take part with one picture.)

Take your time and have fun drawing.


Though not all of you where able to submit due to website glitches congrats to ALL of you for elephantastic tags. Prizes will be awarded shortly.

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*Soul 2014-01-15

Entries who could not yet submit on the site but are included: You-You 010/551/138, RiaGirl 010/558/672, diane-fantazeeart 010/559/669, and kay kay 8 010/561/369


*Soul 2014-01-15

Wooohoo, TOP! Entries who could not yet submit on the site: You-You 010/551/138, RiaGirl 010/558/672, diane-fantazeeart 010/559/669


Davtm26@hotmail.com 2014-01-15

Tis gelukt! :)


*Soul 2014-01-14

Entries who could not submit on the site: You-You 010/551/138, DAVTM 010/557/455, RiaGirl 010/558/672, diane-fantazeeart 010/559/669


*Soul 2014-01-14

Iemand anders had dat ook... Ik weet niet hoe ze het opgelost hebben maar uiteindelijk was het toch gelukt... Kijk maar of je nog een keer wil proberen, ik heb je naam in ieder geval hieronder bij gezet.


Davtm26@hotmail.com 2014-01-14

Maar ik wou enteren maar toen stond er dat ik die tag een naam moest geven, dus dat deed ik, alleen toen stond er NOG een keer dat ik een naam moest geven terwijl ik dat allang had gedaan! Dus ik weet niet meer wat ik moet doen...


*Soul 2014-01-13

Entries who could not submit on the site: You-You 010/551/138, DAVTM 010/557/455 and The Pixels 010/558/134. Thank you all so much for entering!