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Spray Can is the ultimate graffiti- and painting-app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, designed by rapidrabbit. Its first version was released in 2009 and has gained more than 5 million downloads since then. Today Spray Can forms the biggest artist community in the mobile world.

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Paint your own Picture

To show your skills you can choose between up to 13 backgrounds and 54 prefabricated colors for your tags. Besides we added a color wheel, which allows you to define and safe the precise colors you need. On top of that you can use a bunch of tools to create even more amazing pictures, such as different shapes, drips and a smoothly changeable size of your line and outline. Some users spend hours, sometimes even days to create their impressive art works.


See how our famous user SimeonW creates his tags

View the amazing gallery

You can browse through an online gallery with more than 6.5 million pictures. Here you can view the most popular tags, share your opinions by commenting on other pictures, follow your favorites or swap ideas via chat. And every single day there are about 20.000 new amazing artworks arising, waiting to be discovered. You want to become a famous artist as well? So, what are you waiting for?

Create your own Profile

Spray Can is a community, so as a community member you need a profile. We don’t need much information. You can simply enter your nickname and choose a profile picture out of your tags. Here we go! Now you can upload your tags, observe the number of points and followers you are gaining, get comments in your guestbook and write on other people's walls.


We had great fun reading the reviews

Here are some really good ones:

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Download Spray Can now

You can get Spray Can for free via Apple's AppStore. Download it already today and become a part of our inspiring community.


Spray Can uses the glyphish icon set created by Joseph Wain.